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Allan Gindi


Jewish Philanthropy

About Allan Gindi


Allan Gindi is a proud father of six children and a grandfather. He is motivated to be the greatest at what he does, not just because he is a brilliant marketing and business executive but also because he is the father of six children, five of whom are adopted.

Despite his accomplishments, Allan is nevertheless unexpectedly humble. He was born into a home with few resources, which taught him to appreciate even the little things. His parents made a priority of ensuring that all four of their children received a Jewish education from pre-school to high school. Although there were times of economic hardship during his childhood, his education was never compromised. Armed with these same values, Allan continues this tradition with his own family. In addition to being a parent, Allan Gindi has actively served the local Jewish schools and synagogues as a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Jewish philanthropy is very much a large part of his life.

Allan acquired his law degree with honors from Western State University’s College of Law, but instead of pursuing a law career, he chose a different path. Allan worked with several major film studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., and Nickelodeon prior to his life-changing work in the adoption industry. He obtained the license rights to apply to textile items for distribution across the United States. Although it was a huge success, Allan decided to dedicate his life to something else near and dear to his heart. 

Allan and his wife, Carol, launched the Adoption Network (which has become the Adoption Network Law Center) a year after they decided to start this new chapter in their lives. Adoption Network Law Center is currently widely regarded as the most important adoption firm in the United States. Its business model was designed by Allan Gindi. 

As a result of his law degree, Allan is fluent in the legal vocabulary required to interact with the attorneys who represent the adoptive parents. This extraordinary talent as a liaison is one of the reasons he rises above his competitors. Another reason is the years of experience he has built from forging his own path. Allan Gindi is a multilateral leader who has worked in a range of industries. He’s also made a reputation for himself in the adoption world because of his innovative multi-brand marketing strategy. 

Allan takes a unique approach to market prospective adoptive parents to birth mothers and adoption agencies across the country. This creates more adoption possibilities and increases the likelihood of a successful adoption opportunity. Most people have a better probability of adopting as a result of this technique, and their waiting period is significantly reduced.

Allan Gindi has worked with well-known adoption attorneys such as Alvin Coen (Former Mayor of Huntington Beach, CA), Steven Lamb, Kristin Yellin, Lauren Lorber, and others. Each adoption attorney with whom he has worked has been exceptionally pleased with the marketing services provided by Allan and his staff.







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