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Though it is not a subject often discussed within the broader media, Jewish philanthropy is a thriving scene. Jewish individuals hold a certain set of values and beliefs that they incorporate into all areas of their lives. With philanthropy being close to their hearts, the Jewish community has seen a positive influence on their community as a whole through various teen philanthropy programs. Listed below are just a few of the positive outcomes these programs have had on the Jewish community.

Grow Connected to Their Judaism

Teens engaging in Jewish philanthropy programs develop a better understanding of their history, religion and what those factors mean for their everyday lives. These programs not only promote involvement in philanthropy but also celebrate Jewish culture. By learning through immersive programs and growing a deeper understanding of how Judaism is relevant in these teens’ lives, they are able to feel more connected to their faith and uncover ways they can influence the world around them. During these influential years in a Jewish teen’s life, a program like this can better prepare them for adulthood and make an impact on the larger community.

Make Connections With Community Organizations

Because of the work Jewish teens will be doing through this program, they will have many chances to get involved with community organizations. Having this exposure early on in life will teach them the importance of establishing philanthropic relationships within their community. Additionally, the organizations they connect with will most likely have some affiliation with the Jewish values they hold. This exposure to these influential figures will open up pathways for them to continue impacting their communities even after completing their philanthropy program.

Feel Empowered to Make a Difference

Due to the leadership skills fostered throughout these programs, Jewish teens subsequently become more empowered to be a changemaker in their communities. Throughout these programs, they most likely grow exposed to issues plaguing the Jewish community and ways to become involved. In the process, they are also growing more passionate about these issues. As a result, they will feel propelled to continue making a difference in their communities and will inspire others to do the same.

Work With Their Jewish Peers

Naturally, going through a teen philanthropy program will connect you with other individuals your age. By establishing relationships with other Jewish teens who share the same values, the teens in these programs are able to collaborate effectively and build a large team goal. Through these shared efforts, they will learn the importance of teamwork and perseverance. These are traits they will take into their adulthood as they continue to influence the Jewish community.